• Jocelyn Madhavan

Not just baked goods!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I guess technically this is "baked."

I don't think dinner would ever be on the table if there wasn't a gorgeous world of instagram food floating in front of me any time I turned my phone on. I'm so thankful for the myriad of wonderful chefs that create and SHARE their recipes! I've never really "created" a recipe from scratch; only made small tweaks to existing ones. "These meatballs call for a clove of garlic? I'm sure a bulb will work just fine." "This recipe makes a perfect pecan cheesecake? We can turn it into toffee with some ease."

This recipe was fantastic. I'm usually partial to beef and pork in my meatballs (full disclosure, I hate chicken and will probably bad mouth it many times on this blog), but this was called "chicken parm" so I felt compelled to stick with the chicken. It did not disappoint!

The recipe is very straightforward, it can be found here.

Also! Don't skip the roasted garlic phase! This was my first time roasting will not be the last. It was much easier than shucking all those stupid cloves haha!

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